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Emergency procedures

Call 911 for all fire, medical, and police emergencies.

Basic steps for specific types of emergencies


  • Activate the fire alarm
  • Evacuate the building
  • Call 911 and Campus Safety - in that order
  • Notify emergency personnel/Campus Safety of anyone you know or suspect is still in the building


  •  When the warning sirens sound or you receive direction from Campus Safety, evacuate to the designated interior location
  •  If possible, take cover under heavy furniture
  • Stay in that location until given the "all-clear" by Campus Safety or a liaison

Medical Emergency

  •  Call for an ambulance (911)
  • Do not move the individual unless there is an imminent hazard
  • Meet responding emergency personnel


  •  If indoors, stay near the center of the building
  • Take cover under sturdy furniture (e.g. desks) or in doorways, halls, or against inside walls
  •  Stay away from glass windows or doors; be alert for falling debris
  •  If in a lab, turn off gas burners, when possible, and move to a safer location
  • Persons outdoor should stay in the open, away from buildings and structures, and a safe distance from utility wires
  •  After tremors have stopped, stay away from damaged buildings and structures

Hazardous material spill

  • For major incident, call 911 immediately
  • Call Campus Safety to alert them to the spill
  • Take action to contain release if it is possible to do so safely
  •  Close doors and windows, if it is possible to do so safely
  • Evacuate the area to the extent appropriate
  •  Warn others and control access to release area and post warning signs, if possible

Bomb threat

  • If a threat is received by phone, keep caller on the line as long as possible; enlist help so 911 and Campus Safety can be called immediately; write down all information gained, such as:
    •  Where is the bomb? What does it look like?
    • When will the bomb explode?
    • What kind of bomb is it? What will cause the bomb to explode?
    • Who placed the bomb? Is the caller with an organization?
    • What is the caller's name and address?
    • Why is the College being targeted?

Armed intruder

    This video, Run. Hide. Fight., is designed to provide information that might help you in an active shooter situation. Please watch this video and discuss it with others on campus.


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