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Reporting crimes

All crimes occurring on campus, on property owned by the College or on nearby public property should be reported immediately. Report crimes to the Director of Campus Safety at (573) 875-7315.

Columbia College provides 24-hour security service through Campus Safety. Officers are available at all times to provide assistance to the campus community. Campus Safety officers may be contacted at (573) 875-7315 (or 711 from a campus phone), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In an emergency, it is also appropriate to contact local law enforcement by calling 911. If calling from a cell phone, it is important to also give the location of the emergency.

The college also has designated other officials to serve as campus security authorities. Reports of criminal activity can be made to these officials. They in turn will ensure the crimes are reported for collection as part of the college’s annual report of crime statistics. Report crimes to additional campus security authorities as follows:

  • Director of Campus Safety at (573) 875-7315 
  • Human Resources at (573) 875-7495
  • Student Conduct Officer at (573) 875-7877
  • Dean for Student Affairs at (573) 875-7400
  • Title IX Coordinator at (573) 875-7898

Policies on reporting a crime or emergency

The college encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all criminal actions, accidents, injuries, or other emergencies. This includes incidents occurring on campus, on other property owned by the College, or on nearby public property. Report crimes or emergencies to the appropriate administrator and appropriate police agencies. Such a report is encouraged even when the victim of a crime elects not to make a report or is unable to do so. Such reports should be made as follows:

  • Situations that pose imminent danger or while a crime is in progress should be reported to local law enforcement. Call 911 from any campus phone or cell phone. If making a call from a cell phone, provide the address where the emergency has occurred.
  • Students, staff and visitors should report criminal actions, accidents, injuries, or other emergency incidents to a campus security authority. Once reported, the individual making the report will be encouraged to also report it to appropriate police agencies. If requested, a member of college staff will assist a student in making the report to the police.
  • Anonymous incident reports can also be made.

Victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking

If you are a victim of a sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking, go to a safe place. Call 911 or the Director of Campus Safety at (573) 875-7315. At the earliest opportunity, you should also contact the college’s Title IX Coordinator at (573) 875-7898. Victims will be notified in writing of the procedures to follow.

For more information about the procedures, please see your campuses' Annual Security Report.


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